Pathway to Recovery

A course to support, nurture and empower following baby loss.

When we started ‘The Worst Girl Gang Ever’ in July 2020, we knew we wanted to make a positive change in the lives of women and couples experiencing the isolation and heartbreaking trauma of baby loss.
We put our little heads together and, by focussing on what we'd have wanted in our times of darkness, we researched and recruited 6 experts within their field and along with their input and expertise wrote this course (we had surprisingly few arguments in the process which was a bonus)
We are so excited to unleash our course on you and look forward to interacting personally during the zoom sharing circles and in our new exciting 'Warrior Hub' membership area.

Welcome to the TWGGE 6 Week course packed full of love, support, information and guidance

Ok, sounds intriguing... Tell me more... what will I get... exactly?

  • Relationship Guidance

    Our relationship expert Lilliana will be offering guidance on all things love and friendship, with videos & take home tasks.

  • Fitness Expert

    Our fitness (and boy is she fit) Lynsey is ready whatever your current levels and goals are with fitness videos, motivation and advice.

  • Nutrition

    Our fertility nutritionist Alison is on hand with meal plans, food diaries and advice into how to get your eating habits working best for you and that beautiful bod.

Flipping heck that's loads...

Oh my darlings... that's not even half of what we have in store... read on....

  • Gratitude

    Our gratitude coach Charla will inspire you with daily gratitude tasks and challenges, using gratitude to find hope and purpose.

  • Female Reproductive Health

    Our AMAZING female reproductive health practitioner Hannah will be taking you through the nitty gritty of what's going on with your fab bod. What this lady doesn't know about the female body ain't worth knowing.

  • Mindset & Meditation

    Our meditation guru Lucy will help you relax with guided meditations, affirmations and more; it's time to look after your mind & we've got that covered.

Whaaaaaaaaat? That's INSANE, there can't be anything else... surely?

Yep, we have a few little extras, 'cos we love ya xxx

  • Membership Box

    Bangin' box of goodies on sign up including a journal to keep a track of all you get up to with us.

  • Community Shizzle

    Weekly zoom meets with Bex, Laura & other members on the course along with introduction to a phone number free messaging app to keep in contact during the course.

  • 3 month free access to ‘The Warrior Hub’

    3 months free in our TWGGE Warrior Hub following registration to the course.

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Pricing Options

Payment flexibility

  • One off price of £199

    Pay full cost at point of registration.

  • Two installments of £110

    Two instalments One at point of registration Balance to be paid any time before course begins.

Pre-Registration opens 1st June 2021

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